My name is Ashley Young. I’m a student, a filmmaker, a gamer and a native Marylander.

Film has always been a part of my life. My parents grew up watching classical Hollywood cinema and passed that love on to me. As a child, film was purely for entertainment. I watched the Bette Davis classics, To Kill a Mockingbird, John Ford films and anything else I could get on laser disc or videotape. (Remember laser discs? I loved them as a little kid.) From there, I learned that documentaries were more than nature films or travelogues describing the daily lives of people from distant lands. I even learned how Japanese animation falls into the mix as an art form, something that continues to captivate my imagination to this day.

I did not originally want to go into film. To be more accurate, it was never a career choice that crossed my mind, despite watching and reading about it for so long. (I considered becoming a lawyer. I even dreamed about getting my pilot’s license and becoming a commercial pilot.) When I started the 10th grade, I took a TV production class as a random elective. The first time I picked up a camera in that class, I was hooked. I quickly discovered that being behind the camera was where I wanted to be. After that, I worked on a number of projects for my high school and was one of the founding members of the school’s rejuvenated TV production club.

I received a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies from The Catholic University of America in May 2010. While there, I was able to study a variety of subjects including sound studies, social problem film, Hitchcock (natch!) and propaganda. My academic background is not solely based around film production, but the classes that I took introduced me to the works of Samuel Fuller and Stan Brackhage, among others.  For that, I am eternally grateful. Also, I was able to use my love of documentaries and video games to my advantage and write lengthy papers about E. Burton Holmes’ illustrated travelogue style and the use of propaganda in video games like Portal and the Fallout series. All of these experiences have shaped my opinion of film, the way stories should be constructed and my personal aesthetic.

I consider myself an editor by trade, but I love documentaries most of all. My heart lies in documentaries. I want to record the lives of every day people and share them with the world, capturing life the way I see it.

In my spare time, I love to read non-fiction books, play video games, learn about the latest Japanese fashion trends and listen to my massive music collection.

I reside in Bethesda, Maryland.



Howard University
Master of Fine Arts in Film, 2013 (Expected)

The Catholic University of America
Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies
Concentration in Production
Minors in Rhetoric & Writing and French, May 2010

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